we are manufacturing vending machines for selling artworks

Vending machine is an easy tool to develop your business with a minimal investments and risks.

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About Us

Our company  PaintingVending Inc. created a unique machine for selling various works of art, it is a simple and convenient way how to buy artworks from local artists.
The artworks are original, unique, and invaluable, they reflect the artist's soul, energy and emotions.
These devices will be available in major European hotels and airports in the nearest future. These are public places where thousands of people from different parts of the world circulate on a daily basis.
Why you should buy artworks in our devices:
1. It’s cheaper.
2. Artworks have their certificate.
3. Qualitative canvas/colors.
4. Hand luggage dimensions and packaging.
5. Real, original paintings, no replica.
The artworks are available in sizes of 40x30cm, which corresponds to the size of the cabin baggage. 


About the device

Operating principle:
1. The customer chooses the desired painting.
2. Pays for artworks in a machine (in cash).
3. Press the button corresponding to the number of the selected artwork.
4. The selected artwork is delivered on the site.
Device: Painting Vending/18
Height: 208 cm
Length: 186 cm
Width: 49 cm
Color: glossy black or according to client request
Electricity: 12 V battery / 220 V
Weight: 180 kg (depends on the set).
The cash receiver accepts – 5, 10, 20, 50 euro banknotes.
Amount of artworks in the device: 30
Price of artwork in vending machine: 50 euro
Made in Latvia

Start a business with Us

You can purchase a franchise of "PaintingVending" and develop your own network of vending machines in your city!

Franchise starting package includes:

1) 1 vending machine

2) 30 original artworks (themes of artworks subject for agreement)

3) Training how to operate the vending machine

4) Marketing materials

5) Samples of contracts with hotels and artists

6) Technical support

Terms of franchise:

Franchise starting package price - 4900 EUR

Royalty payment - 1% of the turnover per month.

Additional vending machine price - 4500 EUR per unit.

Additional artworks price - 30 EUR per unit.

Payback period:

Approximate payback period - 3 months.


For more information about franchise and investment opportunities, please contact us via email: info@paintingvending.com

Company data:

Company name: SIA PaintingVending Inc.

Registration number: 40203172894

Bank: Swedbank


Bank account number: LV67HABA0551045700555

Office: Elizabetes street 2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010

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